Single Decade Rosary

One-decade rosaries or single decade rosary are small, portable, and easy to carry – making them a convenient everyday rosary for most people. Some of these rosaries contain five chaplets and one decade. They are also sometimes called pocket rosaries or tenners. Listed below are some benefits of single-decade rosaries. All of them allow you to use all 20 secrets! But, how do you choose the right one for you?

A single-decade rosary has just one decade of prayer beads and can be easily carried around or tucked into a purse or other small object. It is shorter than a regular rosary and can be tied into a key chain or trinket. It comprises a crucifix or cross and consists of ten prayer beads: one “Our Father” and ten “Hail Marys.” Each decade is prayed in order.

The first five decades of the rosary contain the prayer, Hail Marys. The following five decades of the rosary start with the Our Father, followed by Glory Be to the Father. The rosary prayer also states a mystery to be prayed during prayerful reflection. Before the Joyful Mysteries, a crucifix or four beads correspond to one decade. The fingers are moved from one bead to the next in five decades. The last decade of the rosary ends with the Hail, Holy Queen.

A single-decade rosary contains the same ring of beads and counts them in the same way for each decade. Single-decade rosaries were often used by Irish Catholics during the religious conflict in the nineteenth century when they were subject to severe legal penalties. Because of this, they were hidden or used to evade detection and became known as Irish penal rosaries. During this period, crucifixes and crosses were sometimes replaced with other symbols to signify the nails of the cross, scourging, and the denial of the apostle Peter.

The Franciscan rosary has a different name. This rosary is sometimes called the fifteen-decade rosary. This rosary includes the same prayer, only with fifteen decades. However, some differences make the two rosaries distinct. The Franciscan rosary focuses on the seven joys of Mary. It is possible to make a fifteen-decade rosary with a standard rosary or a strand of 15 decades beads.

A single-decade rosary is made of ten beads and a crucifix. Some rosaries have multiple rings, while others are not. A finger rosary is made of a finger ring and is more portable. The finger rosary is made of ten beads, and a finger ring is more prominent and can be held between the finger and the thumb. The fingers are the most popular type.